Why Valentine’s Day 2017 Will Find You Single Again

I was going through some of my old articles and loved the tone of this very judgy post from 2014. It’s so amusing how much can change in two years. With valentine’s day around the corner, a lil throwback judgy post never hurt nobody, right?


“You promised yourself last year that 2016 is the last Valentine’s day you will spend alone. You bought yourself chocolates, flowers and wine just because you are a hopeless romantic. With no company but your glass of wine, you promised yourself that you are on Project Finding a Man. You proceeded to post photos on Instagram with hashtags such as #Singleandlovingit, #Independentwoman and #Valentinesforwho, just for your peers to know that you are single by choice not lack.

Yet, minus what you were trying to show the world, you sobbed yourself silly that night wondering why cupid hasn’t cast an arrow your side. You are not 22 anymore and your mother will not stop asking when you are bringing a ‘friend’ home. And right there and then you made a resolution that this was the last year you spent Valentine’s Day alone. Valentine’s Day is almost here and you haven’t gotten yourself even a potential. What to do? What might be the problem?

First, you are stuck on the ‘one’. ‘The one’ doesn’t exist in relationships. You just need to find a man and make him your special one, and slowly he will become that ideal man. The fixation towards unrealistic romantic movies will keep you searching for a Valentine for a long time.

Second, your social media platforms show you are not interested in settling down. None of your friends will want something from you because, after all, you give the impression that you are always interested in a casual fling. Men pick up on those signs. Who wouldn’t mind a commitment-free relationship with a beautiful woman?

Third, you are too old for ‘situation-ships’. You have had one of those with all the potentials so how is commitment ever going to happen? To some, you are sexually liberated and to others, you are just a casual fling. I’m sure every man looks for a ‘whore’ in bed but a wife on the streets.

Fourth, hangouts should not necessarily be bars. The chances of getting a man who is interested in more than a night cap at his place are remote in a pub. You need to change strategy. Hang out in places you are likely to attract the kind of man you would want for Valentine’s. Go for weddings, events, burials… or is it wrong to win a man at a funeral?

Fifth, you also need to go slow on your drinking. Okay, you can down 15 beers without getting drunk, you drink more than your boys, yet the man on your wish-list has the perfect bias towards a woman who can’t control her drink. Good luck!”


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