Treat Yo Self: #NRW2018 Lunch At About Thyme

Have you ever taken yourself out on a romantic date? Dined solo, enjoyed a drink by the bar counter alone, traveled out of town? Simply leveling in your solitude and having a darn good time.  Well, I had a #NRW2018 lunch date with self at About Thyme Restaurant yesterday and savored every moment of it. If I do say so myself, I make a pretty interesting date.

Treat Yo Self: #NRW2018 Lunch At About Thyme
Thank you Joe from About Thyme for this pic!

You can tell from the title of this post that Nairobi Restaurant Week is back, I love experiencing the first day of any food festival by Eatout. In most cases some restaurants get it right on day 1 while in some it’s a flop.

P.S I’m not a food critic just a girl who enjoys eating out, taking photos and sharing my experience.

Treat Yo Self: #NRW2018 Lunch At About Thyme

You have the luxury of choosing any two courses from About Thyme’s restaurant week lunch menu. Starter or dessert and a main. I was craving their chicken wings but couldn’t bring myself to trade dessert for this. Have a look at their lunch and dinner menu HERE. Ordered a glass of white wine, not too dry as I wanted it to complement my dish.Treat Yo Self: #NRW2018 Lunch At About Thyme

My choice of main course was influenced mainly by the fact that Nairobi is a furnace right about now.( Yes, it rained in the evening, that wasn’t the case during lunch hour). I was looking for something tasty, light and refreshing and the retro Prawn & Avocado Cocktail Salad was it. This was a fantastic combination of poached prawns drenched in the marie rose sauce, & avocado slices on a bed of lettuce, fennel, apple & herbs served with a fresh rustic multi grain bread roll.  Treat Yo Self: #NRW2018 Lunch At About Thyme

Loved the aromatic taste the herbs especially the basil brought to this dish. The different textures and flavors from every element in there was refreshing.  Also, I’m here for all the grains on that simple roll served warm. Could have sworn it’s ‘healthier’  than the salad.

Had my reservations about the portions of this cocktail salad and whether it would be filling but surprisingly, it was. Wish there were more prawns in there.( I should have taken a photo when I mixed everything up)Treat Yo Self: #NRW2018 Lunch At About Thyme

Flirted with the idea that my dessert of choice would be a salted caramel banana popcorn sundae but y’all know how that turned out.

Treat Yo Self: #NRW2018 Lunch At About ThymeThis sticky date pudding is dessert heaven for me. (Slightly influenced by the fact that I don’t honor my sweet tooth that much). A bite of the cold vanilla icecream plays off of the warm nutty toffee sauce sweetness which brings this whole dessert together. Honestly, this is a real treat. Tasted as good as the first time I had it.
Treat Yo Self: #NRW2018 Lunch At About Thyme

1. About Thyme is a popular restaurant week choice so please call in advance and book a table.

2. If you’re using a cab, take advantage of that Sh500 off,  #NRW2018 is the promo code from taxify.

3. When solo dining, the way a restaurant treats you determines how enjoyable your experience will be. Recognizing you’re not lonely just alone is key. Had the best time with myself yesterday. I’m a convert now. 

4. The retro prawn and avocado salad could easily pass for a starter. If you have a large appetite I’m not sure you’ll appreciate this dish.  

5. Lunch is Sh1500 for a two course while dinner is Sh3000, you only get a welcome cocktail during dinner. 

6. Service at About Thyme was exemplary!

 7. I’m ready to return to About Thyme for dinner but under someone’s wallet this time!
I shall be documenting all my foodie escapades this Nairobi Restaurant Week with the #Nokia8.


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