2 Course Lunch For Sh600 - The Tav Irish Pub & Eatery

Me: Babe, can we do lunch today at the Tav?

Babe: It’s such a bad time of the month yani

Me: Don’t worry, it’s my treat (he doesn’t have to know lunch is on a discount)

If you work a 9-5 job, you know the struggle to find a descent meal without being broke 10 days after payday. It’s either a kibanda kind of day, the mathe who brings pilau njeri to the office or homemade packed lunch. I prefer the latter.

So on days where I haven’t packed any lunch and I want to step out of the office for a meal. I love places with discounts. Which is why I settled on the Tav.

It is a modern Irish Pub with a rustic flair to it located on the ground floor of the mirage building.  We choose to sit at the terrace with a view of Chiromo Road. There were a number of tables occupied by people seemingly interested in the same discounted lunch like we were.

Their two course lunch menu offer is Sh600 Monday to Friday from 11:30 – 2:30pm. How’s this a discount, you ask? If you’ve never been to The Tav, off their normal menu the grill costs Sh1000- 1600. Burgers Sh750 for a veggie to Sh1200 for a pulled pork burger. I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect.

On this fine Friday afternoon, they were serving butternut soup and chef’s salad for starter. I had the soup which was super creamy and packed with flavor while bae had their very refreshing apple salad.

(Which restaurants would you say have the best soup you’ve ever tasted? Leave a comment in the section below)

2 Course Lunch For Sh600 - The Tav Irish Pub & Eatery

2 Course Lunch For Sh600 - The Tav Irish Pub & Eatery

There’s no selection on the main course as they just serve one main meal which was pan fried fish, steamed rice and some gravy on the side.  The fillet was so tasty y’all and the crunchy vegetables were a nice addition. Don’t you just love how Chef Gordon Ramsay describes the process of pan frying fish and what happens after you cut into it and that baby is not glistening!!!

2 Course Lunch For Sh600 - The Tav Irish Pub & Eatery

2 Course Lunch For Sh600 - The Tav Irish Pub & Eatery

The problem of going on dates Friday’s is the extended drinking hours. ‘One for the road’ begins as soon as you’re done eating. Unless you have to go back to the office, which was the case here. But not before a glass of Chardonnay to pair with the fish.

2 Course Lunch For Sh600 - The Tav Irish Pub & Eatery

Here’s some of the main courses they have served in the past. Lamb stew w/Cumin Rice or Grilled Beef Steak w/Pepper Sauce, Rosemary Potato wedges.

They always update their Instagram with the special of the day as the Tav’s menu changes daily so be sure to be on the look out for that.

If you do try out this lunch deal, leave a comment below on your experience. Happy eating!


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