Sunday's Are For Sangria's At Juniper Social

I was browsing Facebook looking for a perfect spot for a sundowner when I came across the Junipers Kitchen page. After all the hullabaloo i had heard about the place, it was finally time to pay them a visit. Especially because they had a buy one get one free cocktail offer during happy hour( I am always about deals) and an acoustic session with the talented Ziki Valentine.

Sunday Recovery At Junipers Kitchen
The Lovely Ziki Valentine

If you haven’t been to Juniper’s, it is located on Muthangari Drive and it isn’t exactly a restaurant rather a perfect chill spot for cocktails, good music, brunch and a perfect meet up with friends. The place was already a flurry of activity when we got there and getting parking was quite a task.


I loved how the restaurant has worked with different DIY pieces for their decor, from converting glass jars into flower pots giving the restaurant a rustic feel to it. I was pretty excited to sit at the picnic tables decorated with second-hand colourful fabric (the table clothes reminded me of my primary school uniform.

The freshly plucked flowers on every table and even in the bathrooms. While converting wooden crates into chairs. The open seating area defines what Juniper’s kitchen stands for, food and the communal atmosphere.
Sunday's Are For Sangria's At Juniper Social


The Juniper’s food menu isn’t something to write home about but would definitely love to pop in during brunch. We both had the BBQ chicken, Guacamole, Salsa and potato wedges..quite filling for such a little price.Sunday's Are For Sangria's At Juniper Social


How do you love your martini…..DIRTY should definitely be your answer. I however, found this martini too overpriced yet they use Beefeater gin.
dirty martini

Sunday Afternoons Are For Sangria's At Junipers
Because i live for Sangrias we ordered one big jug that cost Sh1300 and was shared among two people. The Sangrias were good but I am still looking for a bar/restaurant that can recreate sangrias i had at some cultural festival at museum made by Spaniards. They were heavenly, to say the least.
Sunday's Are For Sangria's At Juniper Social
If you are going to Juniper’s for the Sangrias, then the big mason jar is the better deal as opposed to buying a small one both quantity wise and price wise.

The Bill

The big jar of Sangria is Sh 1,300 and serves two people for two rounds….this is definitely a win if you are looking for a good deal. A small jar costs Sh 700.

Two servings of the BBQ chicken cost Sh 1,000 while a martini cocktail was Sh700. The total was Sh3,000. WIN!

Till the next treat


Treat On A Budget
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