Sunday Brunch | Nook Cafe

One day could be Mexican tacos with handmade chorizo, the next Chinese bao with crunchy tofu! And friends this is brunch at Nook Cafe. I’m excited to be featuring little cafe as the first review post of 2017 simply because my experience there was so pleasant. If you haven’t heard about Nook Cafe, don’t fret, you haven’t missed much as they opened late last year.

Sunday Brunch | Nook Cafe

The cafe is tucked away in a small nook in Hurlingham inside Akamba court, woodlands lane. The directions on the maps are quite clear but there’s no signage at the entrance. Feel free to call the number on their Facebook page here and in case you miss it.

Nook cafe uses fresh, organic and free-range ingredients to explore a different cuisine each week. You know I have a penchant for visiting newly opened cafes in Nairobi so it was great to see what they were offering.

The cafe is really small and there were only like 4 people present when we arrived. A couple of seats that would probably fit a dozen people at a go, including the outdoor seating. There’s not much to write home about in terms of ambiance but the good food and service make up for it quite perfectly. Nicole, the owner who is also the chef was very pleasant.


Sunday brunch costs Sh1000 inclusive of your drink of choice. They have an ever-changing menu so one Sunday they will be serving Lebanese, Thai, Vietnamese or American cuisine.  I decided to try out the coffee leaf tea which is served iced in mint….benefits, higher in antioxidants than green tea and lower in caffeine than decaf. Didn’t add any sweeteners and I loved it.

Sunday Brunch | Nook Cafe

Because it was plum season….my date ordered the plum strawberry spritzer. Both drinks were very refreshing and the perfect choice for a very very hot Nairobi afternoon.


Nicole was serving some Mexican cuisine on this particular Sunday. We ordered tacos (2 per serve). They had four options but we choose the pork belly, guacamole and coleslaw and for the second option we had the cajun chicken in coleslaw and cheese. The perfect combination of sweet, savoury and spicy. It was delicious and very fillingSunday Brunch | Nook Cafe

I dearly love poached eggs, something about golden gooey yolks. So it isn’t a surprise I ordered some. Smashed avocado, feta cheese, balsamic mushrooms, poached egg over some homemade toast. At first, we underestimated the portions but my stomach was telling a different story afterwards.

Sunday Brunch | Nook CafeSunday Brunch | Nook Cafe

Sunday Brunch | Nook Cafe

Sunday Brunch | Nook Cafe

Had to try out their coffee which is a constant on their menu. I ordered some cold brew costs Sh200 as we chatted away with Nicole who was giving us a back story of how Nook Cafe started and her baby PopUp Nairobi which she is mostly known for amid some very infectious laughter. Our total bill came to Sh2200.

Sunday Brunch | Nook Cafe

So if you’re a foodie in pursuit of the perfect cafe for that delicious treat in a simple friendly environment, do check out Nook cafe. P.s they don’t open daily so you might want to check out their Facebook page.

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