Stop oversharing information about your partner

Ladies, put your hand up if you are well over the age of 20 and you have never described in detail a sexual escapade with an ex boyfriend or your current lover to your close friends. If your hand went up, then we know you are lying because women love oversharing . She will promise her man she will keep his secret under wraps, but as soon as he steps out of the house, she goes to her Whatsapp group to chat with the girls, and dishes out all the gory details about her man, including personal stuff regarding his manhood. And you know how some women love juicy gossip – they will relish every single detail and will not hesitate to share the messages with colleagues and friends.

Sometimes saying too much about your significant other to friends is disrespectful.

There is a need to draw the line between divulging too much information and holding a legitimate dialogue about a partner. Sometimes saying too much about your significant other is disrespectful. Do you find yourself discussing the following six intimate details about your partner to your friends? It is high time you learnt a lesson or two about keeping secrets because not everything is meant to be shared.

1. How good he is in bed

He offers the best torrid sex you have ever received; he is your sex beast – you would say. He is the best you ever had and you are even regretting another man broke your virginity – it should have been him! It would be amazing to only have memories of him, right? And you can’t wait to tell your girls how ‘big’ and good he was last night. You might want to stop and think again. Have you ever read the story of horny friends seducing your boyfriend because they are just that twisted? You might not, but I have.

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2. How much he earns

Yes, his employers recently promoted him to a new position. Note: he is only 27 and earns 700k a month. Quite a catch, don’t you think? You would even feel luckier than the women dating ‘sponsors’ – after all, you killed two birds with one stone and not only do you have a young man by your side, you also have money. All in one package. You can’t help it but tell all your friends about his achievements and the good it will do to your relationship.

3. The pricey gifts he bought you in Dubai

Shirleen, a friend from campus, says she will never confide in her girlfriends again after what happened to her while in campus. Her best friend is married to her ex-boyfriend whom she managed to slyly ‘steal’ from her. She says she used to share with this woman all the intimate secrets of her love life. Shirleen would even share with her friend the gifts her (Shirleen’s) man bought her during his trips abroad. Little did she know gift-sharing would drive her friend to also want to have a piece of her man. The couple got married last year and the honeymoon never seems to stop if the social media posts are anything to go by.

You told all your best friends how your miserable boyfriend mistreated you, and even before we get over the resentment we feel towards him, your relationship is blossoming again

4. The fights you have with your man

Couples will often fight and makeup. Happens all the time. But you do not need to give a blow-by-blow account of the arguments you have with your man to all your friends. He might have committed an unforgivable mistake, and trust you me, your friends won’t like him for it. What happens when you go back to him without even giving us a warning? You told all your best friends how your miserable boyfriend mistreated you, and even before we get over the resentment we feel towards him, your relationship is blossoming again.


5. His buddies

You know what men say, “bros before hoes”. But somehow hoes tend to come before bros especially when it’s sizzling in between the sheets. So your man might find himself sharing information about one of the boys. He may tell you of James who slept with a stripper, or Dan who is cheating on his girlfriend with her sister. No matter how juicy you think this story might be for your friends, you are sworn to secrecy with this one. You don’t want him to appear weak among the boys or be branded a blabbermouth who cannot keep his mouth shut.

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