Stir Fry Nights: Safari Restaurant at Nairobi Safari Club

Put your hand up if you turn up every Friday nurse the aftermath all day Saturday, regretting all the bad decisions you made…no judgement lol.

Forget about turn up, let’s talk simple quiet dinners, good food, great conversation, amazing company over a quality glass of wine. My ideal treats on a budget and the perfect way to end a Friday evening after a rather hectic week. I decided to check out Nairobi Safari Club last Friday, because payday and they have a stir fry night from 7-10pm at their Safari restaurant.

Made a reservation, our table at Safari Restaurant

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Have you been to Nairobi Safari Club located at Lillian towers University way? They have a Sundeck Pizzeria and Grill (try their BOGOF on Thursday and Friday). Sunday Brunch at the poolside (really looking forward to trying out their a la carte menu). Or you can choose to have dinner and drinks at their intimate Safari restaurant and Terrace bar which was my choice for the evening. Safari is open daily from 6am to 10pm.

Terrace Bar! Photo Courtesy Nairobi Safari Club

The restaurant is quite spacious with ample seating at the Terrace bar or at the more intimate dinner arrangement.

Stir Fry Nights: Safari Restaurant at Nairobi Safari Club

The Dinner setup

Safari Restaurant hosts Stir fry night every Friday and costs just Sh1500 per person. You get to custom make your meal from their selection of ingredients that are already chopped up. Dinner in a matter of minutes.


Stir fry2

How do you love your stir fry? What are your favourite ingredients? From white cabbage, mushrooms, garden peas, celery broccoli, baby marrow, red, yellow and green pepper beef, fish and chicken whipped up with either rice or pasta.425314252_48123_9863742411498237677

I served some chicken,mushrooms, red and yellow pepper, onion, corn and broccoli and some rice which compliments the meal. My date had the fish, red onion , garden peas, red pepper and he decided to devour his plate before I took any photos sob! The very friendly Chef John whipped up the most delicious stir fry in a matter of minutes. The seasoning was perfect (don’t you just hate that overpowering soy sauce in stir fry) and the ingredients were cut roughly the same size. Our meal was also quite filling.



I don’t have a sweet tooth, and you will find me skipping the dessert section of the menu because it doesn’t excite me. But the Delice vanilla and strawberry is my go to dessert for 2016! I am talking vanilla mousse on a brandy sponge topped with some strawberry and served  in orange sauce…..PERFECTION! I inhaled it in seconds.


My date decided that he wouldn’t order anything exciting off the dessert menu like the Pave of Dark Chocolate Fondant or the the banana split and had this Kenyan fruit platter.

Stir Fry Nights: Safari Restaurant at Nairobi Safari Club

Look out for my next blog post, I have the first GIVEAWAY on the blog! I am super excited to treat four of my lovely readers!

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