Movie/Food Special Offers At Westgate Mall

A fortnight ago, my friends and I went to Planet Media Cinemas Westgate mall to watch Logan. When was the last time you went to the movies? It’s been a minute. Since a good discount always catches my eye, right before the movie started playing a list of offers at planet media Westgate mall were showing.  They have discounts like almost daily. So you can kill two birds with one stone at Westgate Mall.

Isn’t that burger Wednesday quite a deal? Grab a movie and dinner at a reduced price? WIN!

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1. Monday is Movie Madness

What is Monday blues? Leave work early watch that movie you have been meaning to for date night or solo. Buy a ticket + 350ml soda  +small popcorn+hotdog/KitKat for only Sh600 bob.

2. Bargain Tuesday

Two movie tickets, a medium sized pizza from Pizza hut, two 500ml sodas all for Sh1400.

Movie/Food Special Offers At Westgate Mall

The also have the vegetarian food block buster from Haandi. The offer is a  movie ticket + Chinese veg combo or masala dosa or idly/vadaa mix + one drink either water, Soda or Yoghurt Shake (300ml)  for only sh750.

3. Burger Wednesday

Movie ticket plus a burger from Urban Gourmet Westgate for Sh900.

Movie/Food Special Offers At Westgate

4. KFC Thursday

Buy a ticket and a KFC burger/twister/streetwise 2 for Sh650.

Movie/Food Special Offers At Westgate Mall


5. Friday/Saturday/Sunday

You don’t need an offer on these days, the tickets are very affordable lol. Perfect date night plan. Check out all the movies showing HERE.

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