La Cascina Restaurant At The Hub

I have had a rough couple of days and this post should have gone up like last week. Aside from nursing a crazy cold/cough, missing my gym appointments, feeling so effing tired as a result. I am excited to say I can already taste some Friday cocktails!!

My visit to La Cascina happened quite randomly. So this fine Sunday after leaving work around 4pm, my boyfriend and I decided to check out The Hub since we hadn’t been there since it opened and also catch a late lunch in the process. I was so excited to try their new food places but I was a tad bit disappointed since not too many shops were open.

La Cascina Restaurant At The Hub
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The Hub was a beehive of activity. It is a good family meeting spot with Funspot providing all these play items for the children. From the electric train, to hover boards and acrobatics, conveniently located at a place you can monitor what your children are up to. If you haven’t been to The Hub, many shops are already open including the Furniture shop, fitness, gaming zone and they are yet to open Carrefour- the prestigious french multinational retailer.

As for the foodies, you haven’t also been left out, besides la Cascina which is already in business, there are a variety of restaurants to choose from. You can enjoy Baklava from Afghan house which is doing pop-ups (they might have opened by now not sure),  Roast by Carnivore, Artcaffe, Domino’s, KFC, Ocean Basket, Spur etc.The la Cascina experience

The la Cascina experience

We decided to try out la Cascina which is a small Italian restaurant overlooking the Piazza of The Hub. They describe themselves as a corner of Italy in the middle of Africa! La Cascina has two dining rooms and a lovely patio outside which is where we choose to sit.

The Food

My boyfriend chose to have the grilled lamb loin chops accompanied by rustic baked potatoes and mixed grilled vegetables. The potatoes were delicious – simple and homely. The loin chops were tender and flavorful and grilled to his expectation. His comments – my plate equaled value for my money.


I ordered the pan-fried sliced beef in white wine sauce with bacon and sage and a side of grilled vegetables. The beef was delicious but sadly, my meal didn’t quite sit well in my tummy. And the vegetables were really disappointing as you can see from my plate below – there was no variety whatsoever. I wouldn’t order this meal again.

 Quick Bites: Lacascina Restaurant

The Drinks

I think I may have found a new joint for Sunday Sangrias. Made just the way I like and plus I get to nibble on the fruits. You should also check out here if Karen is too far and you are craving a Sangria.

 Quick Bites: Lacascina Restaurant
One of the best Sangrias I have had in Nairobi Restaurants

The coffee was aiiiiit, 3-4 gulps and your cuppa is empty lol!

 Quick Bites: Lacascina Restaurant
I definitely missed the Java coffee mugs – too little coffee!!

The service

The service at La Cascina was a bit wanting. My boyfriend left immediately he finished his meal and I was also done eating and our table didn’t get cleared. He went all the way to the airport and there was still no sign that anyone was going to clear the dishes. I think they were ignoring my table coz I was sitting alone or something. I literally had to call someone to come clear the table. Other than that, the food came to the table on time and our orders were correct lol!

The Bill

A glass of Sangria at La Cascina costs Sh600, while the coffee was sh 250. Local beers cost Sh300. The loin chops cost sh1600 while the pan-fried sliced beef was also Sh1600. Our total bill for two came to around Sh4300.

Their menu

I scrutinized their menu for your next visit, feel free to bring me along, I promise to enjoy Sangrias at a corner quietly. Pastries will cost between Sh200 – Sh500, coffee between Sh150- Sh500 for the Irish coffee. A full breakfast will take you back Sh650-Sh890. While an ice cream scoop is Sh150. A burger is around 1100 while a Salmon steak is Sh1700. Their menu is broader than this selection, but I hope this works for you guys.

Is this a treat on a budget? You be the judge!!

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