Quick Bite: Colosseum Coffee Bar

Who is excited about the new year as much as I am? I have great plans for 2016 and not that new year new me bullshit…naah just viable goals I want to achieve by the end of the year. I am excited for tomorrow because it also marks two months since I started this blog. 16 posts later actually 17 after I publish this one, I am grateful for the feedback I have received from everyone.

I have learnt great lessons from 2015 and the biggest of them all is; No dream comes true until you wake up and go to work!

So thank you for stopping by even the ghost readers who never leave a comment I see you on analytics :-). Keep reading. I had hoped to end 2015 on a great foodie note but work, shags, the festivities caught up with me. This quick bite post below will do.

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If you are On Waiyaki Way and looking for a chilled out place to have lunch, coffee, cocktails a delicious quick bite? Colosseum Coffee bar is a good bet for you. Whether it is a business meeting, a date, a meetup with your girls, Colosseum doesn’t disappoint. Named after the great Colosseo in Rome it is an Italian themed Coffee Bar and Restaurant located at West End Towers.

The decor

Colosseum Coffee Bar
Photo courtesy: Colosseum.co.ke

Colosseum Coffee bar is a stylish yet contemporary designed restaurant with a slicker design than that of a normal coffee house with black and white decor and some bit of red. The white and red actually works very well as seen in the photo below.


The Menu

They serve some of the most amazing sandwiches I have had at coffee houses I have visited in Nairobi. Their menu is also quite broad if you are looking for something more than a quick bite be it breakfast lunch or dinner. You can get a Pizza for as little as Sh800, pasta, sweet treats for a good bargain.


It is all in the details at Colosseum, I love how they have branded their items and how cute is this little sugar holder?

The service at Colosseum is also very good and so is their coffee, I certainly didn’t feel like I ordered a house coffee after having this delicious latte as it is the case with many establishments.
Colosseum coffee bar

The sandwiches

I ordered the Cesar sandwich which goes for Sh780 and has lettuce, tomatoes, onion, green pepper, egg plant and chicken teriyaki while my date ordered the britania club sandwich which by the way was better than mine.

Colosseum Coffee Bar
Cesar Sandwich
Sandwich 1
The Cesar Sandwich

Ignore the messy photo below but this Britania Club Sandwich was so delicious I just had to upload it. Toasted bread with bacon, cheese, eggs, tomatoes, onion and a side of fries for only Sh760.

Colosseum Coffee Bar

Why Colosseum is a great treat on a budget
Great food and even better service
It is also a lovely coffee joint and your Yummy card definitely comes in handy.
They have fast wifi
On a selfish note – It is conveniently located a few minutes from my office :-)

Till the next treat, Happy New Year!!

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