Why I Love Que Pasa

Put your hand up, if the idea of having some wood oven pizzas at a discount really entices you. I am really excited that Pizza Festival is coming up in September. For the record, I think Que Pasa bar and bistro is underrated!

Have you been to Que Pasa? It is located in the heart of Karen just at the shopping center. I believe it should be one of the ‘it’ joints in Karen, but there is usually just countable people every time I have visited them.

These are some of the reasons why I love going to Que Pasa.

1. Great Ambiance

Que Pasa doesn’t give that impression of a spacious place from the outside, but it is. You can choose to sit at the counter, at the bar area with the high chairs and stools facing the wide screen catching some Rio action, at the restaurant area with the formal dinner setup or at the little intimate seating upstairs overlooking the place. You can tell that the place was well thought out in terms of ambiance from their choice of colours, pieces of art hanging on the walls, statuettes on the shelves and the lighting.

2. Affordable food

Their starters average Sh850, main course between 1200-Sh1650 and their desserts Sh600. Their Pizzas also costs between Sh800- Sh1200.

3. Their drinks!

I love their pitchers! Especially when they had the buy 1 get one free pitcher; cocktail heaven. I had a Jamaican rum punch pitcher for Sh2000 last time I was there. There are other options to choose from mocktails, classic cocktails, beers, coffee etc.

Why I Love Que Pasa

4. Service

Que Pasa has some of the best hosts I have interacted with in bars/restaurants in Nairobi. Always jovial, chatty, swift service and very attentive to detail. It’s never a dull moment.

5. DisCoucher/Que Pasa Pizza

Guess what? With my DisCoucher booklet I got to enjoy 2 pizzas for the price of 1. If you love your pizza meaty, then their spicy sweet and sour meat lovers pizza forSh1200 is what you should order. Why I Love Que Pasa

I didn’t pay for my German sausage pizza which was my second selection thanks to DisCoucher. I saved Sh1050! I will def be back to Que Pasa because I still have 1 more DisCoucher voucher left.Why I Love Que Pasa

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P.S: Work was a bit cray on my end but I am back to regular posting!!!!

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