Jiweke Tavern

I hate working on Sundays but thanks to the nature of my job I find myself typing away as early as 8 am. I miss the days when Sundays were a lazy day…wake up, church, brunch, cocktails basically chilled out. So I have devised a way to make this day work for me. Did you miss my previous Sunday Sangria’s escapade at Juniper’s Kitchen?

Sunday Recovery At Junipers Kitchen

Jiweke Tavern
How beautiful is this clutch?

I will wake up very early like I would on a weekday with a goal in mind…finishing the work by 2 pm because sundowners are calling my name. I am happy to inform you that this relationship is working out fine so far.

On this particular Sunday, I woke up craving Nyama Choma and you know what happens with unquenched cravings. What are the best Nyama Choma joints within Nairobi anyway? I have exhausted all joints in Upperhill so recommendations, please.

My date and I settled on Jiweke Tavern because we had been there previously and they serve amazing food at an affordable price (I think they have the most annoying ads on radio). Jiweke Tavern is located Off Ngong Rd Behind China Centre.

The Ambience

If you have a family don’t fret about what your children will be doing as you await your Choma after quickly finishing their fries. Jiweke caters for the children as they have a trampoline, bouncing castle and a large play area for your children.

Jiweke Tavern
Bouncing Castle & Trampoline

They also have a conference room so if you are in search of a graduation room or a chama venue, this is your spot.The football fans are also catered for at the bar lounge with enough TVs. If you enjoy a nice meal sitting in the luscious garden thank me later.

Jiweke Tavern
Setup at the garden

Jiweke Tavern

Jiweke Tavern
The conference room
 Jiweke Tavern
The Bar photo courtesy (Jiweke)


After arriving at Jiweke, I forgot that I was craving Nyam Choma and only realized I had ordered dry fry when I was halfway through my food…lol. We just ordered a kilo of nyama with lots of onions, greens, ugali and potatoes.

You do not need masters in Ugali cooking to know that the one pictured is bad! It was cold and uncooked. The potatoes were amazing we ordered a second plate. The meat was well cooked, I forgot all about my Nyam Chom cravings, (I guess at this point the cocktails had already kicked in)

Jiweke Tavern Jiweke Tavern
Jiweke Tavern



COCKTAILS!!!! They have an offer on cocktails where you buy 1 get 1 free and you know me and deals. I ordered the long island which is basically tequila, gin, vodka and rum. After having three, I was basically done. I should probably do a list of joints in Nairobi with the best cocktails.
Jiweke Tavern

The Service

The first time I went to Jiweke I was a tad bit disappointed with the service as our waiter got our orders wrongs and she was outright rude afterwards. The food was good though so I decide to give them a second try. Our waitress was so cool, a lady by the name Maureen. Very bubbly, kind and at least she got my order correct.

The Bill

Jiweke Tavern is affordable as beers average Sh250 and wine is Sh300 and a bottle is also affordable. The cocktails are Sh700 while a kilo of meat is Sh1000. They also have a good on chicken or meal platters if you are a group of people. For only Sh2000 you can get a full chicken, creamed spinach and large fries…such a deal right?

Would I go back? It’s my new local.

Till The Next Treat

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