News Cafe Kilimani: The Cocktail Haven

W hat’s the weirdest cocktail name you’ve seen or made up? An exotic cocktail will have the filthiest of names such as the liquid viagra and the nastier the name, the more lethal your cocktail is going to be.

Minus all the embarrassing cocktail names, I think many Kenyan establishments give customers a raw deal when it comes to cocktails. They will often be overpriced, lacklustre and the quantity is too little. So you can bet I am in pursuit of the best cocktail joints in Nairobi. I am looking for value for my money, quality and also quantity. Imagine my glee after coming across New’s Cafe’s Cocktail Menu.

News Cafe Kilimani
I have visited News Cafe located at Adlife Plaza in Kilimani a number of times since it opened in July, the first time influenced by the hype it was receiving online. Then, it wasn’t as busy as it is usually…it’s practically impossible to secure a seat there on Friday’s.

For this particular review, we strolled into News Cafe on a not so busy Sunday evening around 5pm. Their service is great, from the host receiving you at the door to the friendly waiters who were quick to show us a table and attending to our requests promptly.

The Menu

News Cafe food menu offers a variety of light snacks and wholesome meals whether you are popping in for some breakfast or enjoy wraps,salads bitings, burgers, signature steaks or gourmet shakes and coffees. They have got you covered.

The food

I ordered Lambchops which equals 3 loin chops brushed with BBQ sauce served with Cajun potato wedges and a greek side salad (the salad was average). While my date ordered the great Mexican burger and a side of fries.

News Cafe
I just drooled when uploading this image

These lamb chops have been a point of contention with my friends saying that theirs were really chewy, but mine were very tender and juicy. I love loin chops because they are meatier as compared to ribs because they are meatier. Given a choice between my chops and the burger I would definitely go back for the burger.

News Cafe
The Great Mexican Burger

I was pretty excited to try out their cocktail menu since the South African brand has been voted Cocktail Bar of the Year every year since 1999! Do you ever get this feeling that you want to try everything on the cocktail menu?That’s me when I saw this menu

News Cafe


With the wide array of things to choose from I was pretty confused on my first pick but the Psycho Jack was the lucky pick which was an amazing recommendation from our waiter. The cocktail is worth 950 and was a mix of Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, butlers strawberry liquor and lemon crowned with captain morgan spiced gold, butlers banana topped with mango juice.

The Drinks

News Cafe

I am in love with this Psycho Jack cocktail because it equals value for my money. After just having one, my head was buzzing.

The Bill

As seen from the cocktail menu from the photo above, prices range from Sh600- Sh950. If beer is your drink of choice then you will only cough up Sh350. I misplaced my receipt to this bill but if my memory serves me correctly the chops were Sh1500 while the burger Sh1050.

If you are a cocktail lover and haven’t been to News Cafe Kilimani I highly recommend you visit them.I cannot wait for the Sarit News Cafe to open since it’s just a stone throw away from my office.

Till The Next Treat.

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