Nederburg Wine Tasting

Where will you be wining down this Friday? I recently attended Nederburg wine tasting at the Norfolk hotel hosted by Nederburg’s red winemaker Samuel Viljoen and backed by the hotel’s executive chef Aris and I loved it. You know what they say about the similarity between great wine and great books. Once you take your first ‘sip’ they’re hard to put down.

Nederburg Wine Tasting (Photos)

Remember when I attended my first wine tasting and blogged about it here? We received the nederburg wine masters tasting notes right at the entrance that prompted us to try and discover the nose (intensity), palate(body), acidity and quality of every wine we tasted.

We sampled five different wines

1. Nederburg Premiere Sparkling Wine Cuvee Bru – paired with an amuse bouche.Nederburg Wine Tasting (Photos)

2. Manor House Sauvignon Blanc – we paired this refreshing wine often served with light meals with Tataki cooked Salmon glazed in maple soya sauce and topped with fennel and herb salad.

Nederburg Wine Tasting

3. Nerderburg Wine Masters Reserve Chardonnay – paired with jalapenos marinated chicken brochettes with fresh tomato salsa and rajita dip.

Nederburg Wine Tasting (Photos)

4. The Manor House Shiraz – This dark ruby full bodied wine was my second fav of the evening. We paired it with grilled lamb kofta skewers (they were so delicious). So if you are making a good steak barbecue be sure to grab yourself a bottle of this rich wine.

5. Nerdeburg Manor House Carbanet Sauvignon 2013 vintage – this was the last wine we sampled and it was my absolute favourite, very pleasant volume and mouthful. We paired this well-structured wine with fat, juicy dates inside wood-smoked bacon.

Nederburg Wine Tasting (Photos)

As Nederburg’s red wine maker Viljoen said, it was a great learning opportunity, whether you are a novice or expert wine lover. Check out more photos from the event!

Nederburg Wine Tasting
Nederburg’s red winemaker Samuel Viljoen

Nederburg Wine Tasting (Photos)Nederburg Wine Tasting (Photos)Nederburg Wine Tasting (Photos)Nederburg Wine Tasting (Photos)Nederburg Wine Tasting (Photos)Nederburg Wine Tasting (Photos)Nederburg Wine Tasting (Photos)Nederburg Wine Tasting (Photos)vil3vil2

Dear Friends, I will make the steaks just bring me a bottle of The Manor House Carbanet Sauvignon, we will sit outside my imaginary patio, engage in very ‘meaningful banter’ and wine down!!!

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