Nairobi Restaurant Week

How is NJAAnuary treating you so far, honestly? Are you paying for the sins of Drinkscember? I am not :-). Partly because I was working throughout that period and because I have learnt that a budget is important thus the theme of this blog. Let’s talk about the third edition of Nairobi Restaurant Week that is almost upon us.

If you are not upto speed on what restaurant week is, it is practised in major cities in the world. Select restaurants offer a specific menu at a discounted rate for a period of time and that is what #NRW2016 is all about.

Thanks to the lovely hosts Eatout, Nairobi’s finest restaurants will be designing special 3-course menus for Ksh 1500 / Ksh 2500 depending on the establishment. 2-course lunch menus will also be on offer at most restaurants at Ksh 1000 / Ksh 1800. This is 10 days of sampling all your top favourite restaurants from 28th January – 7th February 2016. You can check out the list of participating restaurants here.

The second edition of NRW came at a time I considered very bad for my wallet. After spending almost all the December salary without a thought of what will happen in NJAAnuary and our company paying us almost on 5th February my hopes of sampling more than one restaurant during NRW were all crushed. So come this year after making several adjustments to my budget and planning, I am very excited to state that Nairobi Restaurant Week 2016 hasn’t come at a better time for treats on a budget.

I visited Monikos during the last edition of NRW, and this time round I hope to visit at least 4 restaurants and give you guys a review of my experience. For now, I have three;

1. Larder – Radisson Blu Hotel: I have read some very positive reviews since Larder opened. It is on my list of to visit restaurants in 2016, what better time than NRW.

2. J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen: Believe it or not I haven’t been to J’s despite the fact that I follow some very interesting people on Ig who are always posting sinful food photos from J’s. After the numerous plans that failed in 2015, it is about time.

3. Bamboo at Zen Garden: I love that they offer fusion cuisine whether Chinese, Thai or Japanese. Who doesn’t love a good bargain?

Which restaurants do you plan on visiting for #NRW2016?

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