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N o judgement passed for anyone planning to eat a burger a day for the next seven days, after all it’s burger fest and the calories don’t count! My decision to visit Wet Lounge for Burger Fest was greatly influenced by my experience at their establishment during Nairobi Restaurant Week. Their service was great, their food delectable and the ambiance just perfect. You can check out drool-worthy photos from my post in case you missed it.I

A Perfect #NRW2016 Dinner: Wet Lounge

I made a reservation for 9pm at Wet Lounge. I really wanted to try out burger fest on the first day right before everyone got into it. There were only countable guys at the restaurant drinking beer. They have the Carlsberg offer and one costs sh350.

Nairobi Burger Fest

The Wet Lounge menu has ten burgers to choose from for the burger fest period. Once you buy a burger, you get the same burger free! I was also hoping that the logic of I buy one burger and whoever is accompanying me gets the extra applied but no. You each have to buy a burger, so we ended up with 4 burgers at our table for just two mouths. My friends who went to Art cafe earlier didn’t suffer the same fate though. I guess different establishments different rules.



Our orders came out almost 10 minutes into drinking our beers. We ordered the Morocan spiced lamb with Dijon mustard mayonnaise, fried egg, crumbled goat cheese, sliced avocado and caramelized onion. We also ordered the barbecued beef burger with fried egg, wilted spinach and emmenthal cheese glaze.

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All burgers come accompanied by 4 potato wedges, coleslaw and sauce. Honestly, the wedges were the most exciting thing on my plate for me. The burgers were a tad bit disappointing as the patty could do with a little more flavor, although their sauces and toppings are perfect.


Their burgers cost between Sh850-950. If you do visit them, do share your sentiments in the comment section.

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