My Sunday In 10 Photos|| K1 Flea Market

If you’re looking for a perfect weekend plan then this is it. Brunch, shopping, music, great company and fun at the K1 Flea Market Sunday. A chance to eat, sip and engage in some retail therapy at the  Klubhouse located in Ojijo Road, Parklands.

The flea market happens every Sunday from 10am to 6pm. If you only pop into K1 for reggae nights this is your chance to actually check out the club by day. You’ll love the ambiance, there is a hippie kinda vibe going on.

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THE CATCH: Their menu is very pocket-friendly, everything is between Sh100 to Sh950. This is the most affordable Sunday brunch in Nairobi.

There were quite a number of vendors selling their wares when I visited. From tote bags by Michael Soi, succulent plants from Migwi farm, turbans from afro fanatic, homemade chillies, clothes, jewellery etc. (Sadly my mem card got corrupted but at least I had a few images on my phone.)

Here goes my Sunday at K1 Flea Market in 10 photos

1. Me walking into K1 like….

Where the brunch at?


2. Just in case you haven’t heard about us welcome to K1 Flea Market Sunday


3. We won’t break your bank, we promise, and we can prove it……

The Sunday brunch prices right at the entrance.


4. Can you do something funky with the setup? You said…..

We listened, didn’t we?



5. Did you know desturi means custom well you just got schooled at this stand

Oh well, you just got schooled at this desturi stand customizing shoes.K9

6. Us we love Nairobi….

Na kusema ukweli hii joto ni ya mvua



7. Are you a dapper man?

Photo courtesy K1

8. It’s time to sip…

When you can’t choose whether to have a sangria or yoghurt parfait so you choose both.


9.Then there was the teriyaki beef mshikaki with viazi karai and fried egg


10. “How do you like your eggs?” we asked

Well, say no more….


My Sunday In 10 Photos|| K1 Flea Market

I shot a video with my Tecno Camon C9, check it out below.

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