My November Payday Wishlist

9 Ways To Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck. Guys, I’m barely scraping by; do these tips I was reading on Forbes help? Came across this fun idea from Shirley’s Wardrobe of creating a payday wishlist and I thought why not.

Listicles are my thing, so every month I will come up with a list of  things I’m loving lately with links on where to buy them. Making work easy for my favorite people (Christmas gift ideas), no pressure though. The way my payslip is set up, a wish list is all I can afford for now. Peep my November payday wishlist!

1. Can we just rob a bank for Bakuli Blue’s hand made and painted crockery?

My November Payday Wishlist

Speak about having a champagne taste on a beer budget. I’m happy Pinterest feeds this obsession for now as I pinch pennies for my ideal kitchen. Growing up, did your mother have a collection of ‘for guests only cutlery set?’ What happened to you if God forbid you broke one of her most treasured cups? Just thinking about what would happen if I bought this set and somebody broke it.

Have a look at more of Bakuli Blue’s creations here. They have the cutest flower jugs, soup bowls, cups and side plates.
My November Payday Wishlist

Tea in cute cups always tastes better. Quite honestly I just wanna sip my morning fix of green tea from this striped cup and saucer.

2. A weekend getaway to a cozy cottage in Ngong Hills, Yes Please!

Photo Courtesy Vanessa Knight Holiday Homes Kenya

I have been feeling extremely fatigued over the last couple of weeks. Could do with a weekend getaway not too far from the city. I was looking through the Holiday Homes Kenya website and they have some interesting choices.  A weekend retreat at Olohoro Nyoro Ndogo, Ngong Hills might just be what I need (hoping bae reads this article). It’s Sh18,000 per night. This is why you should always travel off-peak, it was Sh12,500 in June.

Don’t you just want to wake up to this? Take a bath in their outdoor tub, sit outside with a glass of wine enjoying the views of the great rift valley?

My November Payday Wishlist
Photo Courtesy Vanessa Knight Holiday Homes Kenya

3. An afternoon at Brown’s Cheese Factory

This has been on my wishlist for a while now. For the price of Sh4000 per person here’s what to expect;

My November Payday Wishlist

  • A tour of the factory and how cheese is made
  • Discover flavour differences and cheese families through tastings
  • 3 course lunch
  • Mozzarella making for groups that are interested
  • 3 glasses of wine or beer per person
  • Buying a selection of cheeses to take home at factory prices.

Visit their website HERE, for more details.

4. A succulent affair

Did you know, learning the name of a plant before buying it is important because it helps you research on how to take care of it? I have mourned the death of so many indoor plants over the last few months up until I bought the Swiss cheese plant. A very common one in most homes. Upon further research, I discovered that the sap from its leaves is toxic to people, cats and dogs. Lucky for me, I don’t have any babies or pets around. The big, bold and beautiful foliage type of plants are my go to. What’s your preference? Figured it’s time I bought my Swiss Cheese a sister.  Succulents have been all the fad for a while now, so why not?

This mini clay pot with succulent from Yamadori House for Sh500 can have a special corner at my desk. They have quite a selection of plants and custom make urban gardens.My November Payday Wishlist

Also enthralled by these Succus in cups from Migwi Farm and they are only Sh350. Follow them on Instagram for more.They sell vases, bowls, lampshades and jewelry from recycled material from cotton, newspaper, bone, brass and coffee.

5. I’m here for the bell sleeves

On to matters fashion. Have you been keeping up with all the trends lately? Currently obsessed with tops/blouses; the bell sleeves, off shoulders, bardot, cold shoulder, ruffles, stripes just to name a few. Spotted a bell sleeved top on Instagram recently walked to the shop on Ngong Road and the price tag of Sh4500 was way out of my budget. Stumbled upon this magenta off shoulder bell sleeved blouse on this gorgeous dark skinned model for Sh2600. (Cue Sauti Sol’s Melanin). I’m seriously considering shipping it from Spree a website in South Africa.  I sure do hope my secret santa stumbles upon this article.

My November Payday Wishlist

Be on the look out for my December payday wishlist.

(Cover photo courtesy Vanessa Knight Holiday Homes Kenya)


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