Cocktail Escapades 1: Btzek Lounge

I recently discovered ‘Hakuna ma’vodka’ means no memories for the rest of the night. Not judging if this is how most of your Friday nights end. Or a Saturday spent asking your friends, how much did I embarrass myself yesterday? Followed by that statement we have heard one too many times ‘I have quit alcohol’ and you blaming those 1000 bob Long Island cocktails from Kiza that you knocked back coupled with tequila shots.  I know this tale all too well.

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Speaking of cocktails, have you been to Btzek Lounge located on the 1st Floor of Two Rivers Mall?  It’s a bar, lounge and sea food restaurant.

Bztek Lounge is a perfect venue for a night out, if you are looking to host an exclusive party thanks to its expansive space or just catch-up with friends. I choose to freeze my ass ass off by sitting in their outdoor area, which has this dhow setup at the bar area. Taking seafood restaurant quite literally. Cocktail in hand, feet paddling in the sea kind of vibe. Btzek is this what your intention was with that outdoor space?

Cocktail Escapades 1: Btzek Lounge
Photo Courtesy Btzek Lounge

The Cocktail Menu

Their classic cocktails average Sh700 for a Cosmo or Manhattan while their signature cocktails average Sh900.

We dropped by during happy hour which is everyday from 5-7pm and their deal was buy 1 cocktail and get the same exact 1 free. My date ordered the Carribean weed, off the signature collection for Sh1000 which is a mix of smirnoff black, bombay sapphire gin, bacardi clear rum, jose cuervo blanc, blue caracao, tango apple sour and sprite.

Cocktail Escapades 1: Btzek Lounge

While I had the classic dawa which is Sh750 with the usual brown sugar, smirnoff red vodka, lime wedges and honey. The Caribbean weed was the cocktail of the night really.  No one wants to order a cocktail with nary any booze otherwise I could have ordered a mocktail. Halfway through your cocktail and you’re already feeling a quick buzz.

Cocktail Escapades 1: Btzek Lounge

Which is your go to cocktail joint in Nairobi and why do you love it so? Their cocktail selection, price, happy hour deals, ambiance, music selection? I would love to hear your recommendations.

Look out for my next cocktail escapade. CHEERS


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