Js Fresh Bar and Kitchen

I t’s Sunday at exactly 6:15pm I am sitting at the table right behind the counter at J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen because sundowners must happen. I have activated my people watching skills and something I find rather odd happens.

There is a woman and man I presume they are a couple enjoying wine and beer at the counter. The woman’s glass is soon empty and the man orders for another glass for her. As the barman turns to top up the wine, the man grabs the wine glass from the counter and puts it right at the step below his chair. The barman returns with the flesh glass of wine and this conversation ensues;

Man at the counter: Another waiter has taken the previous wine glass

Barman: Oh I didn’t see anyone picking it but that is no problem.

Man turns around after overhearing my date asking me if the couple is planning to really steal a wine glass by hiding it with their feet. Our food is served and we stop keeping track of the glass and when we are done eating, we remember to check on the sorry glass.

My date: She must have put it in her bag while we were not paying attention. (He doesn’t know the definition of whispering by the way)

Couple at the counter: Turns after overhearing the conversation again – switches sitting positions. Hey J’s in case you are missing one of your cool wine glasses, it didn’t break!

Hey J’s in case you are missing one of your cool wine glasses, it didn’t break!

Forget that weird couple, have you been to J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen? Well, after all that hullabaloo about them in 2015, I decided to finally give them a try.  It is a perfect spot for brunch, cocktails, light bites we can call it a hip pub.

Ambience and Service

I loved the service at J’s, the waiters were actually very attentive and very helpful with information about the J’s menu. Food came out in good time. I really loved the chilled out music that was playing in the background loud enough for my date and I to hear each other but soft enough for us to still talk over it without shouting. The music really sets the mood for the beginning of a great night!

The Food

My date ordered the open barbeque burger which is seasoned prime beef mince mixed with bacon served on toasted bread with grilled peppers, onions, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, provolone cheese and Bbq sauce. Served with paprika fries. The fries were really tasty but he was very disappointed with his burger. stuck on a piece of toasted bread which completely defeats the purpose of a burger

My 2 cents: if I am buying a burger I would definitely not choose an open one stuck on a piece of toasted bread. I think it defeats the purpose – their chicken burger would have been a better pick.

J's Fresh Bar and Kitchen

I ordered the pork spare ribs which was one of the days specials, comes with a side of fries and coleslaw. I am not a big fan of fries so I opted for roasted vegetables in place. The ribs were delicious, very tender and flavourful they didn’t necessarily need all that BBQ sauce.

J's Fresh Bar and Kitchen

The Drinks

If you frequent this blog, then you know I have a love affair with cocktails. More often than not I will tend to pick something new off the menu but for my visit to J’s, I decided to indulge in a rather familiar cocktail – a bloody mary. It wasn’t the most pleasant cocktail I have had – it had too much Worcestershire sauce which if put in large quantities is intimidating to any other ingredients. Our waiter was really cool after I expressed my sentiments which he was quick to point out to the ‘mixologist’.

J's Fresh Bar and Kitchen
Bloody Mary

After tasting one ‘bad’ cocktail, I was pretty done with them for the night although our very cool waiter tried recommending one that was a house favourite. I ordered this light wine that I actually sipped on for the rest of the evening as my date devoured white caps.
J's Fresh Bar and Kitchen

First time tasting it and actually loved it. Perfect drink for a Sunday night since I didn’t need to worry about hangovers at work on Monday. It costs Sh550 by the glass.

J's Fresh Bar and Kitchen

The Bill

A bottle of beer is Sh250 while the Bloody Mary cocktail cost Sh600, the Bbq burger costs Sh1400 while the pork spare ribs also cost Sh1400. The bottle of wine was Sh2600. Our total bill was Sh6220 for the evening. Oh and they put in a yummy card discount for us.

Till the next treat!


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