Cafe Deli

Try walking on a hot Saturday mid-morning in Gikomba and tell me you won’t throw calories overload caution to the wind and just overindulge. Place where the calories sins were committed – latest Cafe Deli outlet along Kenyatta Avenue in the CBD. (Got onto the bandwagon pretty late.)

I totally loved their menus, very visual and with a wide array of options to choose from.

I wasn’t in the mood of taking any photos so you will bear with the images you see here..
Unlike Cafe Deli’s other establishments, this latest branch is elegantly put together, more spacious with extra sitting space upstairs. The decor, sitting arrangements were carefully thought out and is a perfect spot for a date or a lunch with friends.

Have you visited newly opened Cafe Deli?

Cafe Deli

The Milkshakes

 I may have just crowned them the kings of Strawberry milkshake. It was made from fresh strawberries and is the best I have had yet in any cafe in Nairobi. The strawberries balance the sweetness of the shake unless you prefer the too sugary vanilla option. 

Cafe Deli


For lunch, I opted for the slightly buttered whole tilapia fish cooked until tender served with coconut sauce on the side and a carb of your choice. I choose to have mine with ugali and traditional greens. The greens were really tasty and the ugali was well cooked, but my fish was extra crispy making it hard for me to dig in as i wanted

Cafe Deli

The MR. ordered, plain old fried chicken served dry or in barbeque sauce and a side of fries….The waitress got his order mixed up and brought rice instead and he wasn’t too pleased about it but he was too hungry so he just dug in. She also forgot to bring my greens and I had to send another waiter since she had already moved on from our table.

Cafe Deli

The Bill

The fried chicken was Sh780 while the slightly battered whole tilapia was also Sh780. Can’t quite remember how much the shakes cost but it was within the treats on a budget margin!

Would I go back? Definitely..but more for their pastries and coffee.

Till the next treat!

Treat On A Budget
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