Girls, we cannot all be fashion bloggers

I was recently browsing one of the top fashion and lifestyle blogs in Kenya when I came across a post of the writer requesting other blogs doing the same thing to post links for her to check out. Curious me decided to also use this opportunity to discover any other established, and, or, upcoming bloggers I should be on the look out for. I spent the better part of my next hour opening links, especially of ‘fashion blogs’ that have been on the Internet for more than a year. It was clear to me as day none of these women have heard the statement: “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with!”

I wept for these ladies because the content on their blogs was atrocious to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to be a dream killer because even the already established bloggers started somewhere – but we’ve got to be realistic. As an ardent fashion reader, I feel I need to address this growing trend by young girls. Just because you have a few clothes in your wardrobe, accessibility to a or and a camera doesn’t make you a fashion blogger. The fad that getting into fashion is your ticket to fame, money, freebies and access to top events in the country should stop.

Fashion blogging has become a force to reckon with in Kenya. However, I feel young girls have been blinded by the lifestyle they see successful bloggers living, thus feel the need to also join a similar craft blindly. I personally follow and love established bloggers such as Silvia Njoki, Sharon Mundia of, Anita Gaitho of and Joy Kendi of These top bloggers currently have quite a following which just goes to show if you become a master of your own craft, then growth is inevitable.

What are the top pointers to consider before setting up a fashion blog?

1. Quality of your content

Whether you are into fashion or any other blogging, quality of content is key. I have noticed a lot of content imitation in the personal style blogs in general. If originality is lacking, then you can be certain you will not have the numbers on your website. Also avoid typos, poor grammar – ask a friend to proofread your content before publishing to make it read better if you cannot afford an editor. Proper research and creativity is also key.

2. High-resolution photos

A fashion blog is visual and hence what really sells you to ardent fashion readers – like myself – is the quality of photos. Yes, you might have access to a smartphone, but are you able to take good photos that are able to sell what you are wearing to your reader? Compromising on photos is a no-no in this industry. Get a personal photographer if you must, but whatever you do make sure the photos are good.

3 . What is your selling point?

Let’s admit it, the fashion blogosphere in Kenya is saturated, but I believe if you have a unique selling point then you will always have an audience. Kenyan girls underestimate the amount of time and effort that goes into making any blog a success. Before setting up your style blog, an understanding of the fashion industry is key. Also, look for something that is unique to you and use that to your advantage. For every style influencer, there must be something different they are passionate about and focusing on to build their brand.

4. Are you consistent?

One of my best quotes is by Benjamin Disraeli who once said “the secret of success is consistency of purpose”. If fashion blogging is your purpose, then you need to be consistent in what you do. You do not want a case of people coming to your blog and wondering when you will post next until they stop visiting your website altogether.

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