Savouring Homemade Delights: Tin Roof Cafe

Does the idea of devouring a delicious healthy treat in a great ambiance while enjoying some fresh air entice you? Then Tin Roof is a quaint little cafe just perfect for you. They are located at the Souk Kenya just opposite The Hub in Karen and they also have a second branch in Hardy at Langata link shops.

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Savouring Homemade Delights: Tin Roof CafeTin Roof Cafe had been on my to-visit list for a while. I especially love their book swap section and a great read over a cuppa is always a perfect past time. I decided to sponsor the Mr. out for some late Sunday lunch because with my DisCoucher voucher, I would only pay for my meal…lol! So my book of big discounts is the sponsor here ??.

The Souk means an Arab market or marketplace and as the name suggests it is home to a jewellery, accessories, leatherwork store, a bookshop, gallery and Tin roof cafe. Not sure if the salon is still in operation.

Savouring Homemade Delights: Tin Roof Cafe
Photo courtesy: Tin Roof Cafe

Polka dot art gallery was our most exciting stop. The ways of seeing exhibition is currently ongoing until 8th August. It’s a mixed exhibition that aims to develop an understanding into how to look at paintings whether theoretical or the emotional side of it. Artists featured include Sophie Walbeoffe, Dickson Kaloki, Edwin Onyango, David Marrian, Mary Collis,Sibylla Martin, Paul Taylor and Lesli Bell.

There were a couple of people at Tin Roof Cafe, a small family enjoying Sunday brunch, friends chatting away over some espressos. You could almost tell the people who were walking in and out are regulars! We sat at the front porch, but there is also ample seating at the garden and indoors. How cute are their little chairs, round tables and the flowery cushions? Small, quiet cafes with a garden feel have a special place in my heart.


Savouring Homemade Delights: Tin Roof Cafe

The Menu

Their menu has an array of brunch/quick meal options. From croissants to some eggs benedict, savoury crepes, salad bar, fish pie etc. In the drinks category they offer wine, coffee juices, teas and smoothies.

Our orders

I had a latte and surprisingly their coffee is very good. With my DisCoucher voucher, the offer is buy a main course and get one free and the waiter informed me that the offer only applied to a meal worth Sh950. If you ordered above that price, you would have to top up the difference.

Savouring Homemade Delights: Tin Roof Cafe Savouring Homemade Delights: Tin Roof Cafe

Savouring Homemade Delights: Tin Roof Cafe

My date ordered the Tin Roof mega burger(nothing mega about it though). The toppings – Cheese, tomatoes, and gherkins while I had the melting steak sandwich. The burger was good, the patty was well seasoned and the bun wasn’t crumbly. The steak in my sandwich was very tough to cut and chewy! Our sides were from the Ottolenghi inspired salad bar and this was definitely the highlight  of the meal.

Savouring Homemade Delights: Tin Roof Cafe

The Service

Our waiter had attitude for days and she brought the burger and sandwich and didn’t bother informing us that the salad bar was self-service, since we hadn’t been to Tin Roof before. Her attitude spiraled from 0 to 100 pretty quick anytime we asked her a question. So darn annoying!

Savouring Homemade Delights: Tin Roof Cafe
I am in love with wild plants and flower combinations

The Bill

Their foods are between 200 (croissant) to 1100 (pepper steak). A glass of wine is Sh350, a latte Sh250 a beer Sh300 and I guess you can average the price of everything else. I saved Sh950 with Discoucher and you can also enjoy great discounts by purchasing the book HERE.

All photos taken with Tecno Camon C9 

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