Cedars Restaurant, Best Chicken Wings In Nairobi

It took us 37 freaking minutes to get a beer at Cedars Restaurant! I went looking for our waiter thrice and you can imagine how long it took for us to get our food. When our meal finally came, it was only one serving despite us ordering for two because we were famished. All other tables were served in good time, even one that had as many as 5 people. Bad service can really ruin a good meal/night!

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A couple of friends informed me that Cedars restaurant serves some mean chicken wings and in true foodie fashion I decided to give them a try. Cedars is a Lebanese restaurant located on Lenana road, but sadly our objective wasn’t to try out any Lebanese food.

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The Ambiance

We arrived when they were just finishing the dinner setup and I love how the restaurant has played around with colours and the fresh flowers on every table. There is a very homely vibe at Cedars as it he restaurant was once a residential home. They have a play area for the children and their food menu is extensive, if you are open to trying out Lebanese food.

The Drinks

This cold won’t let me prosper so I decided to order a coffee, it was delicious, one of the best kahawas I have had in a long time honestly. Because we are all about trying new things, my boyfriend ordered the Lebanese Arak which I think is a Gin served in shot glasses. Most lethal substance I have ever tasted! It is impossible to drink the shot without mixing it with water and the Arak is clear and turns milky after the mixing.


The Food

We both ordered chicken wings and fries! The Cedars Restaurant chicken wings are marinated with a secret recipe and I think they were about 8 pieces on a plate. I love my chicken wings meaty and Cedars doesn’t cover them in too much coating! The wings were mildly spicy with a dash of sweet not as hot as I expected. No one loves greasy, soggy fries, so yes to Cedars serving up some crunchy goodness.

The Bill

The BBQ chicken wings cost Sh800, fries Sh300, a beer Sh375, the shot of Lebanese Arak Sh400 and the coffee was the cheapest at Sh200. The price range at Cedars for food ranges from Sh450 -1900. The full, half and mezze for three are slightly expensive but can be enjoyed by a couple of guys.



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