Casual Bite Cafe

My top 5 favourite beverages are coffee, cocktails, wine, minute maid apple and water in that order. I will crave a cuppa and will often be on the lookout for a nice cafe that serves coffee to my liking.

You can imagine my excitement after discovering Casual bite Cafe, located at Centro House, Westlands just next to Open House which is a stone throw away from my office. Thanks Eatout. Let’s just say I may just have found my perfect coffee spot.


I didn’t quite capture how beautiful the space is, but the Cafe is subdivided into three sections the seating area inside for anyone having meals, for those who want to chill outside with their drinks there is a perfect spot or food and the bar area.

Casual Bite Cafe
Isn’t this amazing?

I loved the African themed decor at the cafe and how they played around with the colours. Am I the only one who appreciates a cafe for its silence? I believe this is a perfect working or coffee date spot if you appreciate your peace and quiet and don’t want to be struggling to hear your date over the noise of several others and loud music. It is private, fairly priced and strategically located.

As always I had a latte, which was very good although i had to ask the waiter to re-heat it for me. I ordered it with pan fried red snapper fillet that was served with a sweet sauce accompanied by seasonal veggies and mixed rice.

Casual Bite’s menu is continental and they pride themselves in serving organic healthy foods and sourcing their meat from Ol Pejeta. I don’t eat large portions so my serving was quite filling. The fillet was heavenly, i was so famished  the aroma from the food almost had me taking the first bite before taking this photo. The vegetables lacked quite the ‘kick’ I look for in my food.
Casual Bite Cafe

My ‘date’ who popped in three years later ordered Swahili coconut chicken served with saffron rice and vegetables. He couldn’t stop complaining about the portions and felt that the food should have been more.

Casual Bite Cafe

I ordered this glass or red sweet wine after the dinner as I was waiting for my date to finish with his food and beloved white cap.

Casual Bite

The Bill

Sadly, I misplaced my receipt before putting up the post, (pretty upset with myself) but it was definitely withing the Treats on A Budget price range.

Would I go back? Definitely. Planning to pop in later this evening


Treat On A Budget
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