Do you follow Urban Burger’s Instagram feed or Artcafe?  The burger photos on there…… licks screen. After much deliberation on what to do for Sunday’s sundowner, my date and I decided burgers and cocktails never hurt nobody.

Burger Madness At Urban Burger Rocks

We hadn’t visited Urban Burger since Westgate reopened hence we decided to give it a try.

Burger Madness At Urban Burger Rocks
The view from where I was sitting

The place wasn’t crowded as I had expected and the manager was very friendly. I initially had my reservations after reading a review just before walking in complaining about shitty service but I guess everyone’s experience is different. The waiter was quick to attend to our orders and the service was excellent.


There is something about their menus that makes it very easy to pick out what you want to eat.

Burger Madness At Urban Burger Rocks
Of course I am THIRSTY!!!

Is there a reason why cocktails have the funniest of names? Pink Slut, Horny Bitch, Unfaithful slut and the more vulgar the name the better the cocktail 🙂

The cocktails were on our table real quick, the whisky fan ordered a White Russian while I settled for my good old vodka–the pink slut! After tasting both cocktails I wished I had settled on the white was very good.

Burger Madness At Urban Burger Rocks


My date settled on the Texas Burger, it’s seriously death by protein >> bacon, cheddar, fried egg, rockets, BBQ sauce, with a side of fries and veggies.

Burger Madness At Urban Burger Rocks
Texas Burger

I had the chilli burger which had 100% prime beef with aioli, fresh lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and homemade chilli served with a side of onion rings, vegies and coleslaw.

Burger Madness At Urban Burger Rocks
Chilli Burger

My chilli burger didn’t live up to my expectations, I expected it a bit chillied and the burger pattie very juicy with distinct flavours but it was just plain and a bit charred…I actually wished I had ordered the texas when my date and I exchanged half of our burgers! Their presentation however is something to note.


The texas burger was Sh720 while chilli one cost Sh635 totalling Sh1355 on the food. For the cocktails, the pink slut was Sh550 while the white Russian also cost the same. The VAT came to a total of Sh393 hence our bill for the day was Sh2900.

Till the next treat!



1. Service
2. Ambience
3. Food and drinks
4. The bill
5. Would I go back
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