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November 18, 2019


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Hi there, Welcome to treats. I’m Muthoni a writer and digital marketer. I enjoy writing about my foodie and drink escapades, fashion, offering unsolicited relationship advice, my fitness journey, travel when I have saved enough money and other bits and bobs.

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Grilled Halloumi Salad

#RestaurantInspired: Grilled Halloumi Salad

#RestaurantInspired is a new segment on the blog where I'll be recreating some of my favorite dishes that I've had at the cafes and restaurants I frequent. One of those meals...
Chilli & Celery Butternut Soup

Sweater weather calls for this chilli & celery butternut soup

Are you as excited about soup weather like I am? This chilli & celery butternut soup can heal anything for those ten minutes that you'll be buried deep into that bowl. ...

Breakfast Egg Muffins

Breakfast is my absolute favourite mealtime. I put in a bit more effort in making breakfast meals than lunch or dinner. This breakfast egg muffins are not in that category though....
Taramo Salata
Hello there, Welcome to my creative space. I'm Muthoni a blogger and digital marketer. Follow my food and drink escapades around Nairobi. Catch up with my latest articles on fashion, lifestyle, fitness, relationships, travel and other bits and bobs.


My November Payday Wishlist

My November Payday Wishlist

9 Ways To Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck. Guys, I'm barely scraping by; do these tips I was reading on Forbes help? Came across...
16 Places To Eat - Two Rivers Mall

16 Places To Eat – Two Rivers Mall

Visiting Two River's Mall for the first time? We will save you the hassle of settling for the nearest restaurant because you couldn't be...
Cocktail Escapades 1: Btzek Lounge

My Cocktail Escapades: Btzek Lounge

I recently discovered 'Hakuna ma'vodka' means no memories for the rest of the night. Not judging if this is how most of your Friday...