I was browsing through Facebook yesterday when I came across these 7 tips from Kendi Ashitiva about what a healthy relationship or marriage should be and I just had to share!

Let’s face it, you might be sick of reading relationship advice columns but men and women still go out there and make the same mistakes. That’s why we need a constant reminder in the form of these 7 pieces of advice…..

Dear readers, 7 realistic relationship tips you might want to hear often;

1. Please do not go into marriage or relationships with your HEART only and without your BRAIN. Retain some level of sobriety and level headedness throughout your relationship.

2. Write down your negotiables and non-negotiables and share them with your SPOUSE or spouse to be. Do not coerce them to agree to them. Let them choose to be with you. Let them know what they are getting themselves into.

3. Surround yourselves with people of sound judgment who will keep you grounded no matter how high the emotions gets. Refer to Number 1.

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4. Every marriage and relationship needs firefighters, agree on those before hand. Who are your firefighters? Keep reinforcing the need to have them throughout the marriage or relationship, and choose to submit to them.

5. Do not be a SLAVE of your partners choices or decisions. Remember they chose to be with you, if halfway through they change their minds please do not force issues. If you have to beg to be loved and accepted then you are in a dangerously unhealthy relationship. RUN. Remember one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure, and you my dear are worthy of love, affection and RESPECT.

6. Ladies and Gentlemen MONEY IS POWER. Meaning please count the cost before ever leaving your job. Money or the lack of it tends to really strain a marriage or relationship so beware. Money is not EVERYTHING but it is SOMETHING. So work at being considerate and supportive of your spouse in whichever financial season they are in. Remember it’s just a season.

7. Finally always remember to show RESPECT to your partner. You don’t have to be in love to show RESPECT, but you must show RESPECT if you claim to be in love.

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