16 Places To Eat - Two Rivers Mall

Visiting Two River’s Mall for the first time? We will save you the hassle of settling for the nearest restaurant because you couldn’t be bothered to walk around.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Two Rivers Mall for lunch. Feeling so ravenous after skipping breakfast, we began walking around the mall but couldn’t make a decision on where to eat.

Then the power of social proof played games with our topsy-turvy state and we settled on Aldar Lebanese & Oriental restaurant. We later regretted that decision.

I recalled Where to Eat when At the Hub Karen is one of my most read articles on the site and here we are. This list will be updated with time, if and when I get access to the menus and the price list of each restaurant.

These are the 16 places to eat – Two Rivers Mall edition

1. Olpul steak house

Comfort food restaurant. They describe their food as a regional and gourmet menu. Starters are averagely 550 for soup or spicy calamari. For the mains lamb chops sh1500, Sh2000 for a morendat beef fillet steak, Olpul beef burger for Sh850 and dessert Sh450 for a Tiramisu. You get the gist.

Check out their menu and pricelist HERE. 

2. Colosseum Restaurant & Lounge

Cuisine: Italian.

Their prices average Sh1600 for a Pan fried red snapper, Sh800 for a pie, Sh1200 for some homemade pasta tossed with prawns.

Check out their menu here

3. Aldar Restaurant Lebanese & Oriental cuisine

Cuisine: their name tells it all

Average price is Sh1200 for chicken wings, Sh1500 for a mixed grill, Sh600 for a Kebab wrap, Sh750 for hummus teas and coffees are averagely Sh250. They also have Shisha.

4. Nagala’s Chakula 

Cuisine: Indian and Swahili

From their Swahili menu they serve biriyani for Sh700, grilled prawns for Sh850. While from their Indian menu a selection of Kebabs, Tikka, Sandwiches etc. Jumia food comes to the rescue with this menu here. 

5. Sabor a` Mexico 

Name translated –  taste of Mexico. Enjoy a burrito, taco at Sabor.

Cuisine: You already guessed it.

Their social media presence is very wanting actually non existent so of course menu isn’t available.

16 Places To Eat - Two Rivers Mall



6. Afghan house

Cuisine: First Afghan restaurant in Kenya

In case you need to inquire about their Baklava’s or qabli pilau, check out their social media page here, they are very responsive to messages. And they offer outside catering too. 


7. Lotos

Cuisine: Chinese

Saved by Jumia Food once more. Have a look at their menu here


8. Adega Express

If Portuguese is your taste then Adega is YOUR place!

It’s a member of the Adega in Lavington franchise and very affordable at that. Fish wrap Sh600, chicken pasta Sh850, greek salad Sh500.  Menu available here

9. Mister Wok

Cuisine: Chinese

A very comprehensive menu of Mr.Wok is available here. Everything from soups to noodles, seafood and vegetarian is listed.

10. Teriyaki Japan

Cuisine: Fast food/Japanese

Their website has been under maintenance for a long time now. But if you’ve never been here, they serve BBQ beef, with chips and Noodles,Chicken Teriyaki with a regular going at Sh490, Sh570 for a large and Sh650 if you feeling extra. 

11. Burger King

The choice is yours! Are you having a double whopper or a big king XL? Keep up with their social media page here, as they list all the offers they have at any given time.


12. Btzek Lounge

It’s a lounge, cocktail bar and seafood restaurant. More information on their page here. 


13. Attibassi Coffee

Cuisine: Italian. More information about Attibassi’s pasta, pizza available here.


14. Artcaffe

Posted by Artcaffe – A brewed coffee and inviting interiors are just what you need. Serving up freshly baked pastries especially for you at our beautiful & brand new Two Rivers branch. Keep up with them here. 


15. Nove Coffee Roasters

Grab some breakfast at Nove, think french toast with caramelized apples. More information on their social media pages here.

16. Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn

Need I say more here????


Cover Photo courtesy Btzek Lounge!

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