Today I’ll be sharing with you some of my kitchen favorites. These are some of my most used kitchen gadgets/tools, where to buy them and how much each item costs. Some pieces may have gone up in price since purchase. but I’ll share the current price. This is part 1 and I do hope to share part 2 of this soon.

1. Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons are a staple in every kitchen. When recipes call for a TBSP they definitely don’t mean your normal eating spoon, although when cooking you can wing it, but with baking, you cannot, it’s precise. I love the fact that these spoons are magnetic. I always stack them together after washing hence I’m not rummaging through the drawer looking for maybe the 1/4 tsp. They also have two ends, the rounded and the narrower side which fits into small spice jars. I shipped them from amazon. Also found another brand locally on Vituzote, you can buy them here. You can also get plastic ones locally at baking stores, house of leather, etc.

Current Price: Sh1600. They’ve gone up in price since purchase, bought them for about 1000 bob.

2. Stainless Steel Zester

I use this Master Class zester for everything. It comes in handy when grating hard spices like nutmeg or cinnamon. It is also perfect for zesting my citrus fruits. I also use it for my ginger, garlic and even cheese. It’s is honestly one of the most used items in my kitchen. Actually thinking about getting a second one if I find it on sale.

I bought it from They have a shop at Sarit Centre, Yaya, Junction Mall and they are also online. I couldn’t locate it on the Vituzote website but it was about Sh1600.

3. Lemon Squeezer

This lemon squeezer is so cheap yet effective. I have had it for years and it squeezes the juice out of lemons, grapefruit, oranges beautifully, Bought it for Sh100 from house of leather and I use it daily. The juice comes pip free thanks to the lid.


4. Metal reusable straws and cleaners

I shipped these stainless steel straws from Amazon when I bought the measuring spoons and cups. They were quite cheap going for Sh600 for a set of 12 straws and 2 cleaners. I hadn’t seen them in the stores here when I did, but now there are quite a number of places selling them. Check these specific ones from Amazon here. If you want to buy some locally, Metal straws Kenya, an Instagram shop sells them in different colours here

5. Measuring cups

Another favorite is this set of oxo stainless steel measuring cups that I shipped from Amazon as well. Set includes 1/4 Cup, 1/3 Cup, 1/2 Cup and 1 Cup. They’re magnetic just like the spoons so I always stack them together after use. Some reviews said the magnets come off after a while but I’ve had these for a minute and everything is intact.

Current Price: Sh1900

6. Grater

This is one of the most beloved tools in my kitchen. I spiralize, peel, grate, slice cabbage. It can do it all. I bought it off the streets for Sh100 but I’ve since spotted them at Naivas. Those guys make it seem so easy while they show you how to use it and as soon as you get home you can’t figure it out. If your grater is blunt you’ll have a hard time. I use it like I would a mandolin if I had one, lol. Recently used it to make banana crips as seen here and to also make zoodles as seen here.

7. Electric Hand Mixer

I bought this good guy from I was looking for a basic mixer because I’m still set on owning a KitchenAid mixer. Went with this Duronic because it’s 400watts, 5 speed with 2 dough hooks, 2 beaters, a whisk and that storage case is so extra. It’s also very sturdy and the reviews I read online before purchase were good.  Also, the fact that it went with my kitchen aesthetic was a plus.

Current Price: Sh6,450, find it here.

8. Silicone spatula

This all-purpose spatula is a kitchen favorite as well – mixing, folding, scraping etc. I bought it for Sh250 from House of Leather. I use it to get the very last bit of batter, marinade, soups out of my bowls. I also use it to fold the dough and smooth out the top of batter. You can buy different sizes to fit smaller containers. If you want to scrape the very last bit of peanut butter from a jar, this is your guy.

9. Instant Pot

The IP returns to the kitchen counter every other day.  This 7 in 1 gadget is the – 6L

with different functions such as pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooker, saute/browning etc. I love it for making yoghurt, matumbo, biryani, boiling my legumes, making curries. I have tested almost every function available. I got it from a kitchen store by Kimondo Missy located in town, they have a Facebook page Gadgets and Cooking recipes that gives amazing tips on the coolest kitchen gadgets etc. Current Price: Sh24,500.

There are other available brands of the electric pressure cooker in Kenya. Do check out the Hotpoint Kenya page they are having a sale on a version the Nutricook  one and also their own brand by Hotpoint


10. Nea Die cast Stockpot Set

My new followers on Instagram always ask me where I got my set of pots from so I thought it wise to include these here. Follow me here treatske if you haven’t. This SQ Professional five-piece stockpot set, from the Nea Marbell Range was also from the same page as the Instant Pot tagged above. If you find a way to ship them from Amazon for cheap you can, maybe buy during Black Friday sale, they are currently going for 10k but I’m sure when you ship them in with the current state in Kenya, it shall end in premium tears. They are currently going for Sh16500 from the shop I bought them from. The sizes are 20cm, 24cm, 28cm, 30cm and the largest is 32cm. I also use them in the oven, minus the lid of course which is glass.


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