10 Fun Date Ideas In Nairobi

My cousin texted last Saturday asking for date suggestions that were pocket-friendly and would involve little talking….lol. Your guess is as good as mine, how that conversation went down. Why would you want to go on a date with someone you wouldn’t want to chat with?

Here are some really cool date ideas if you are a couple or just a group of friends in Nairobi looking for fun ways to spend the day together. These list however doesn’t exhaust all the really cool things that would count as fun date ideas in Nairobi. Feel free to list your suggestions in the comment section below.

1. Indoor Rock Climbing At Climb BlueSky

Climb BlueSky is an indoor rock climbing gym located at Diamond Plaza Parklands on 6th floor of their old tower. They also have another branch at Purdy Arms in Karen that is open only on Saturdays or Sundays. Their day Pass Rate is Sh800 and renting climbing shoes will cost you Sh400. They also have monthly/membership rates. Check out their page here for all the details.

10 Fun Date Ideas In Nairobi
Photo Courtesy: Climb Bluesky

2. Skating At Panari

The solar ice rink is one of a kind in Africa. According to their website, It measures 32 × 12 meters with an ice skating surface area of 15,000 square feet. It is totally enclosed with ice temperature at -25oC and the air temperature inside the hall is 12oC. The rink can accommodate 200 skaters at any time and is open seven days a week from 11.00 am until 10.00pm. Their rates are very affordable Sh600 for children up to 14 years and Sh800 for all ages groups 15 years and older per 60 minutes inclusive of the skating boots. Guess what, with the DisCoucher booklet there are free discount vouchers for every two tickets bought. Get your copy HERE.

10 Fun Date Ideas In Nairobi
Photo Courtesy: Panari.com

3. Coffee Tour At Fairview Coffe Estate

Fairview coffee estate is located in Kiambu. What better way to surprise a partner who loves coffee than with a tour of Fairview where they get learn about the coffee production process,sample the different grades and carry some home. Fairview aims at becoming Kenya’s a premier and vibrant educational tourism destination and to promote greater domestic consumption of coffee. Their rates are Sh 2000 for residents and 30USD for non-residents. You have to book a tour in advance since you need a guide. DisCoucher offers a buy 1 get 1 free coffee tour voucher, so grab a copy and enjoy all the great discounts HERE.

10 Fun Date Ideas In Nairobi
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4. GP Karting

I believe if you love cars then GP Karting is one date idea that will get you really excited. GP Karting in Carnivore road off Langata Road has become one of the most exciting adrenaline packed activities in Nairobi. Their Saturday night racing series for Sh3000 with prices to be won is quite popular. Their rates are below

5 – 8 Years  Ksh900
 9 – 12 Years  Ksh1000
 13 – 16 Years  Ksh1100
 17 – Adults  Ksh1300

10 Fun Date Ideas In Nairobi

5. Paintball

I didn’t realize there are quite a couple of paintball places in Nairobi.  Jungle Paintball Kenya located in Parklands on Limuru road. Paintball fury located at Purdy arms or Langata near Carnivore. Shooters Haven along Thika Road or at Rolf’s Place. The prices are affordable with some places offering discounts depending on the number of people you are. Paintball Fury have a discount on ALL Sunday’s with the unbelievable price of Ksh 1000 for 150 Paintballs!

10 Fun Date Ideas In Nairobi

6. Trail Biking At Karura Forest

A visit to Karura forest is also another fun date idea whether you are a  group of friends or as a couple. You can hire multi-speed trail bikes to use on the forest trail. According to their website, there are two bike depots. KFEET grounds best accessible through Gate A and the newly-opened Gate C (a.k.a. Sharks) off Kiambu Road. The charges are Sh500 per two-hour hire daily from 8:00 to 17:00pm.

10 Fun Date Ideas In Nairobi
PhotoCourtesy: theartofwanderlusting.wordpress.com

7. Boat Riding At Uhuru Park

Last I checked boat riding at Uhuru Park costs Sh250 for 30mins. The beauty of this park located right in the heart of the city is that you are not limited to boat riding, there are camels, a merry go round for as little as Sh100. I remember one Christmas eve  we visited Uhuru Park and it was one of the most memorable events of my childhood. Enjoying a boat ride, cold chips that we had bought before heading there and later drinking Softa and Cake….there was nothing better. You can also make your way to Lunar Park and try out the 360 banana ride or the dragon boat.

10 Fun Date Ideas In Nairobi

8. Enroll for a cooking class

There are a couple of people offering cooking classes in Nairobi and a swift search online should sort you out. I’m choosing Orna’s kitchen as an example because they have provided sufficient information on their social media pages. I believe this is a perfect way to spend the day together. Though Orna’s charges maybe on the higher side they offer 4 session course/ 18hr, 25 recipes, eat as much as you like, carry home what you make and you get a certificate of completion. Your partner must be really excited at the prospects of ‘getting down’ with you in the kitchen to find this an interesting an interesting date idea. (Photos Courtesy Orna’s)

9. Picnic

A picnic makes for a really cool date idea. There are so many serene and relaxing gardens in Nairobi for a perfect picnic. From Paradise lost, Oloolua nature trail, Arboretum, Uhuru Park, Karura and the list is endless. Some of these places may charge a small fee but it’s well worth it.

10 Fun Date Ideas In Nairobi
Photo Courtesy: Destination.Com

10. Rope Climbing At Diguna

I tried to limit this list to activities that are just a few minutes from the CBD, but if you are an adrenaline junky then Diguna is a must visit. It is a great location for a group date because you need a minimum of 12 guys! Perfect date with friends who love outdoor. Diguna is located in Ongata Rongai on Masai lodge road, on your way to Africa Nazarene University. Guess what, the charges are only Sh150 per person! WIN!!!!

10 Fun Date Ideas In Nairobi
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